Social Studies Resources

Antarctica Photos from Antarctica
Black History Month Includes biographical material on famous black Americans
Bureau of Labor Statistics  
Center for History and New Media Contains a host of primary source documents, digital recordings, and images
DocuTicker A digest for government reports on many topics
Geography Games Students play quiz-like games to learn more about workl
Government Search Search the web sites of government agencies
Internet History Sourcebooks Project A collection of public domain and copy-permitted historical texts
Michigan Citizenship Curriculum
NationMaster Compare statistics of the nations of the world
Ology Learn about peoples and cultures studied in anthropology
Patriotic Music Lyrics to some patriotic songs
Remembering Pearl Harbor Stories and photos about the attack on Pearl Harbor
Rome - a recreation Videos & pictures from a recreation of Rome
Sail On Subject Area Interactive Lessons
Smithsonian Institute  
Smithsonian Source A History education web site from the Smithsonian Institution
Stadiums of the NFL See and compare stadiums from around the country
StateMaster Compare statistics of the states in the USA
Teacheroz Links to many sites related to social studies
United Nations  
United States Census Bureau  
United States Congress   
United States Congress for Kids  
United States Government Accounting  
United States Government Statistics  
United States National Archives & Records  
World Factbook   
World 66 Information about many cities around the world
World History   
World History For Us All A comprehensive curriculum for middle and high school world history.  The site contains units, lessons, activities, and resources.