eRate RFP - 2020

Information about Coloma Community Schools' Network Infrastructure Upgrade will be posted here as available.
Q & A for the 2020 eRate RFP through USAC
  • Question: Would we consider looking at alternative manufacturers or brands of switches from those stated in the RFP?
    • Answer: Yes, but we are seeking replacements for switches within stacks that require compatible models and OS's for the other switches in the stacks. Vendors should demonstrate the compatibility of their equipment.

  • Question: Should stacking modules be included within the Bid for each switch?
    • Answer: Yes, please include as an option. Quantity may be subject to change.
  • Question: Should stacking cables be included within the Bid?
    • Answer: No, unless the stacking cables are NOT included with the stacking modules.

  • Question: Are Fiber or Copper patch cords needed with the Bid?
    • Answer: Yes, please include options for shielded CAT6 Patch cables in 1, 3, and 5 foot lengths (no boots) in yellow, blue, red, green, purple, and black.
  • Question: Do SFPs need to be included within the Bid?
    • Answer: Yes, please include the price for SFPs within the bid as an option.
  • Question: Should UPS's be included within the Bid?
    • Answer: Yes, bids may include UPS' rated for the switches in the RFP.
  • Question: Are we looking for professional services labor to be included with the Bid?
    • Answer: We do not anticipate the need for professional service labor, but bids are welcome to include them.