Photo Album

Cracked concrete outside Junior High/Admin Office
Boiler Room showing original boilers. One does not function
Exterior of CIS.
High School Classroom with Removable Divider Wall
Old High School Classroom falling apart
Classroom separated by book shelf in High School
Elementary Classroom storage spaces
Elementary Boiler from the 1960s
Windows in the Elementary
Outdated Sinks in Elementary
Outdated and damaged restrooms in Junior High
Boilers in Old High School and Alwood Gym. One does not work.
Leaky Skylight with Damage in Old High School
Old Locker Rooms in Alwood Gym
Boarded up windows on Old High School
Non-ADA Compliant Bathrooms
Water Damage to Bathroom
Water Damage to Ceiling of Second Floor of Old High School
Locker Room for Alwood Gym
Mechanical Room in Old High school
Bathroom in Old High School with Hot Water Heater mounted above the sink
Non-21st Century Educational Spaces in Old High School