Community Update - 4/23/18

How would approval of a sinking fund help improve our district security and student safety?

 On Tuesday, May 8, 2018, the Coloma Community Schools Board of Education will ask voters to approve a 1.25-mill sinking fund request for the renovation and repair of district facilities, along with site and safety/security improvements.  The Building & Site Sinking Fund would be used for specific repairs and improvements in our district. Election day is only two weeks away!!

 Student safety and security is one of our highest priorities, and an area we would like to continue to improve.  Fortunately, current sinking fund law allows us to use these dollars for that purpose. In today’s society, with all the school shootings and threats that have been happening, we need to constantly evaluate how we can secure our buildings even more than they are now and provide what is necessary to quickly assess any potential threats and identify anyone that might be responsible for them.

 Our 2012 bond issue allowed the district to add secure entrances to all our school buildings.  Any visitors that come to our buildings during the school day must be buzzed in from the office and also enter the office before entering other areas of the school.  While this layer of security is certainly a benefit we need to assess if we can add better doors, locks, glass, and remote systems that could help to keep an intruder out and our kids safe.

 One area we need to improve is our ability for surveillance in and around our buildings. We do not have a video surveillance system at this time which can make it a challenge to determine what is happening in our hallways and around our buildings.  Today’s video surveillance systems are of very high quality and would allow us to quickly review and determine what is or did happen in and around our buildings at all times. We added cameras to our busses in the past year which have helped us reduce the number of incidents on our busses and quickly identify any situations that do come up.  They have been a huge benefit for our drivers!!

 Additional opportunities to improve our school security and safety will become available in the coming years.  With the approval of this 10-year sinking fund it would provide our district the funding necessary to make needed improvements for the next decade.

 Thank you for your support of our schools!!  Please vote, and encourage your friends and neighbors to vote on May 8, 2018!!

Source: Coloma Community Schools