Community Update - 5/1/18

What will happen if the sinking fund proposal is not successful?


On Tuesday, May 8, 2018, the Coloma Community Schools Board of Education will ask voters to approve a 1.25-mill sinking fund request for the renovation and repair of district facilities, along with site and safety/security improvements.  The Building & Site Sinking Fund would be used for specific repairs and improvements in our district. Election day is only one week away!!


 In our community update from March 16, we shared the specific repairs and improvements that we would target over the next 10 years if our sinking fund was approved.  These include:


  • A new roof at Coloma High School and the main gymnasium.
  • Improved school security/safety in all buildings with the additions of cameras, improved doors/locks and site lighting, where needed.
  • Resurface parking lots at the junior high, high school, and intermediate buildings.
  • Improve the playground at Coloma Intermediate for our 4th/5th grade students, while also being available for our community to use after school hours.
  • Improvements at Alwood Gym, including new roof, bleachers, remodeled entry way and renovating the bathrooms.

 If our sinking fund proposal is not successful, our Board of Education will have to determine how to best address the critical needs in our district.  A new roof on the high school and main gym, and parking lots at the junior high, high school, and intermediate buildings are going to have to be addressed in the short term. Taking out a loan that would have to be repaid out of our general fund would be the most likely consideration. Therefore funds currently used for instruction would have to be used for non-instructional needs. The result could mean larger class sizes, program reductions, or many other avenues that our Board is not excited to consider.  We feel that our class sizes are at the appropriate level currently. We are happy that we currently can offer music, art, PE, CTE, and many other elective offerings for our students that are an important part of a well-rounded education. Also, additional projects such as improved security, the playground at the Intermediate, and improvements at the Alwood Gym would have to be further delayed until additional funds become available.

 We have been very pleased at the level of support many residents have shown for our sinking fund proposal!!  Please vote, and encourage your friends and neighbors to vote, on May 8, 2018 so your voice on the future of our schools can be heard!!  #CometPride

Source: Coloma Community Schools