Dress Code

The intent of the Board of Education in enacting a dress code is to promote a good academic environment, maintain discipline and prevent disruption of the educational process. While the Board of Education recognizes that each student’s mode of dress and grooming may be a manifestation of personal style and individual taste, any type of dress or hairstyle that is disruptive, distracting, unsanitary or unsafe is prohibited.

1. Students are prohibited from wearing distracting clothing which is disruptive to the educational setting. Examples of such clothing include, but are not limited to:

a. “See-through” clothing;

b. Clothing which exposes the torso, pubic or genital area;

c. Garments that provoke or distract students or school employees. Example: Spandex, tank tops, holes in clothing, etc.,

d. Headwear may not be worn inside the building.