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Medication Information

Dear Parents or Guardians, 
In March 2002, the Michigan legislature passed a bill (PA 51 of 2002) regarding the administration of medication to pupils in Michigan schools.
Due to this being passed, the guidelines for schools administering medication have become stricter.  Documentation from the doctor prescribing the medicine is now required and a parent consent form for the school to administer the medication to the student is also necessary.  No over the counter medicine (Tylenol, Tums, cough drops, etc.) will be given out unless the doctor has filled out the required form.  
Please contact your child's school office for the required documents that you and your child's doctor need to complete for your child's medication(s).  The school office must have these completed forms on file before any medication(s) can be dispensed to your child by the school. 
If your child's medication changes, new forms must be completed by you and the doctor for the new prescription.  Medications should be enclosed in the original container when brought to the school office. 
Thank you for your cooperation.